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🌍 3Commas Crypto trading bots Sign up & get a free trial + 10% discount
🌍 Aave Liquidity protocol for earning interest on deposits and borrowing assets Share 20% of your fees with
🌍 AAX Crypto exchange Verify identity to get
, deposit $1500> worth of crypto to get
🌍 Abra Earn crypto interest Pass KYC & keep $15> there for a week to get
(usa) /
(outside usa) bonus
🌍 ACE Money transfer service Send 200€> and get a chance to win a new phone + contact the webmaster to get
🌍 AQRU Earn crypto interest Invest 500€> for 30+ days to get
πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ Bank Norwegian Norwegian bank available in scandinavia Free credit card with cashback
🌍 Crypto gambling Gambling with promotions and bonus rewards
🌍 BeerMoneyForum Community dedicated to finding ways of earning beer money online Earn beer money online
🌍 Befrugal Coupon and cashback website Earn $10 or more in cashback & get
🌍 Betchain Crypto gambling Promotional offers & % cashback
🌍 Binance The worlds biggest crypto exchange Sign up & get 10% off fees, verify identity to get a
free visa card
🌍 Bit2Me Crypto exchange Get
bonus on your first purchase of 100€> worth of crypto
🌍 Bitladon Crypto exchange Sign up and share % commision of their profits on your trades with
🌍 Bitmex Crypto trading with 100x leverage 10% fee discount (6m)
🌍 Bitpanda Crypto exchange Deposit and trade 25€ or more to get
🌍 Bitsgap Crypto trading platform with bots & arbitrage Sign up and get 14 days of free pro trial
🌍 Bituniverse Crypto exchange Use the trading bot to get
20 BUB
🌍 Bitvavo Crypto exchange Waived fees for $1000 trade
🌍 BlockCard Crypto card Sign up and load $100> worth of crypto to receive
🌍 BlockFi Crypto exchange Deposit $100> to get
$10 in BTC
🌍 BlockReward Earn crypto through simple online tasks Get an extra
on your first $20 earned
🌍 Bondora Fixed-income investments in European personal loans Register an account and get
πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ Bonusway Swedish cashback website Register and get
50 kr
for free after your first purchase
🌍 Brave Browser Web-browser that blocks trackers & ads by default Earn $ browsing the web
🌍 Bybit Crypto exchange Get up to
bonus for depositing BTC & completing simple tasks
πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ Cashbacker Swedish cashback website
50 kr
bonus when you get 100 kr approved refund
🌍 Celsius Earn crypto interest Deposit $400> worth of crypto and hold for 30+ days to get
$50 in BTC
🌍 Coinbase Crypto exchange Buy or sell $100 worth of crypto to get
🌍 CoinCorner Earn Bitcoins when you shop online + buy bitcoins easily Trade £100> to get
🌍 CoinField Cryptocurrency exchange Deposit $100> to get 20 SOLO (
) bonus
🌍 CoinList Crypto exchange & wallet Create an account and trade at least $100 of assets in a single trade to get
$10 in BTC
🌍 CoinMetro Cryptocurrency exchange Sign up, complete KYC and deposit 50€> to get
bonus worth of crypto
🌍 Cointiply Bitcoin faucet Do tasks and get paid in crypto
🌍 Crypto mobile platform Use referral code 'fgnbolpbnd' ; pass KYC verification and stake $400> to get
worth of CRO
🌍 Cryptohopper Crypto trading platform with bots & arbitrage Share % commision with
🌍 Regulated tokenised assets exchange Verify your account, deposit $20> and make 1 leverage-trade (all within 30 days) then contact [email protected] to get
🌍 CurrencyFair Money transfering service Transfer a minimum of 2000€ to get
🌍 Curve Bank where you can connect all your bank cards to one card Verify KYC and get a
free bank card
🌍 Digital Ocean Hosting & VPS service Register with bank card (free) and get $100 free credit
🌍 Dharma Crypto exchange Sign up, deposit $500> and get
bonus in ETH
🌍 Electroneum Crypto mine-able on your phone 1% bonus on mining income
🌍 Fairspin Crypto gambling Free spins & deposit bonus
🌍 Fiverr Online marketplace for freelance services 20% off your first purchase up to $100
🌍 Lend money to Irish businesses 5% bonus return on investment the first 30 days
🌍 Freebitcoin Crypto faucet & lamborghinis Cash out their faucet and get free bitcoins
🌍 FTX Crypto derivatives exchange with high leverage 5% fee discount
🌍 G2A Buy cheap games Share commission with
🌍 Gain Earn $ rewards for completing tasks Sign up and get 100 coins ($0.1) instantly
🌍 Quality blockchain assets exchange Sign up and get 20% off fees
🌍 Gamehag Get $ rewards for playing games & doing tasks Share commision with, contact the webmaster to get bonus rewards
🌍 Gemini Crypto exchange Buy or sell $100> worth and get
🌍 Earn bitcoin Share commission with
🌍 Groupon Shopping deals & coupons
bonus when you make a $10 deposit
🌍 Grupeer Peer-to-peer lending platform 10€ welcome bonus for registering
🌍 Haz Casino Crypto gambling Free spins & deposit bonus
🌍 Hodlnaut Earn crypto interest Invest $1000> for 31+ days to get
🌍 Honeygain Earn passive income sharing your internet connection Sign up and get
🌍 Iban Investment platform Deposit 1000€> and get
🌍 InstaCoin Buy Bitcoins easily Spend £50 or more in one transaction to receive
🌍 InstaRem Money transfer service Transfer 200€> with the promo code 'GIFT' to get 10€ off
🌍 InvitationCodes Place to share your invite codes $20 credit when signing up
🌍 Karma Find surplus food at greatly discounted prices 5€ off on your first purchase
🌍 Kriptomat Cryptocurrency exchange Buy/sell crypto for 100€> to get
in BTC bonus
🌍 Kryptex Cryptocurrency mining Share commision with, contact the webmaster to get bonus BTC
🌍 Lender & Spender NL investment platform Deposit 1000€ and get
🌍 Lime Electric scooters and bike rentals Register an account and get $1 free
🌍 Lolli Crypto rewards for shopping online Get % in Bitcoin cashback when you shop online
🌍 LunarCrush Crypto social analytics Earn lunr tokens for using the app
🌍 Luno Cryptocurrency exchange Register and trade 250€> worth of BTC to get
in BTC bonus
🌍 Lyft Ride-sharing taxi service Sign up to receive 1 free ride
🌍 Mbitcasino Crypto gambling Free spins & deposit bonus
🌍 Mercuryo Money transfer & crypto exchange Free virtual cards
🌍 Mintos Global online marketplace for loans 20€ bonus when investing 1000€>
🌍 Mode Buy & earn interest on Bitcoin Buy £100> of BTC and get
πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί Monese UK bank avaliable in EU Verify KYC to get a free bank account & card
🌍 Monethera Investment platform Sign up and get
+ 0.5% Cashback for 1 Year
🌍 Crypto trading platform Verify KYC and get some morpher tokens
🌍 MyLead Platform for earning money online Sign up and get 5% bonus
🌍 Naga Social crypto trading platform Deposit $250> and make one trade to give $25 bonus; contact the webmaster to split it 50% each
🌍 Neobux Get paid to take surveys and do simple tasks Sign up and earn $
🌍 Nexo Earn interest on your crypto Sign up, top up $100> and hold for 30+ days to get
in BTC
🌍 Odysee LBRY blockchain YouTube alternative Sign up and get some LBC
🌍 OKX Crypto exchange Sign up and get a mystery box up to
in value
🌍 Omio Compare and book train, bus or flight tickets 10€ off your first purchase
🌍 OneHash Bitcoin betting 100 satoshi faucet every minute & deposit bonus
🌍 OnePlus Top notch smartphone manufacturer Buy a smartphone and get $10 off
🌍 OpenSea Crypto NFT marketplace Share 2.5% of your purchases prices with
🌍 Passfolio Invest in US stocks Sign up and deposit $25> in cash or $50> in crypto to receive a
free stock worth up to $100
🌍 Paradice Crypto gambling Free & fast bitcoin faucet
🌍 Paxful Peer-to-peer crypto marketplace Share % of the fees paid on your trades with
🌍 Payoneer Online money transfer and digital payment services Load your account with $1000> to receive
🌍 Phemex Cryptocurrency exchange Deposit & trade $500> worth of crypto and earn up to
welcome bonus
πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί Plutus Crypto card with great perks & crypto exchange Sign up and activate card to get
bonus in PLU
🌍 Pool DeFi Get cash flow from holding cryptocurrencies Get
bonus in DFI on your first deposit
🌍 Presearch Decentralized search engine Sign up and get
25 PRE (~$2)
then earn 0.25 PRE for each search
🌍 PrimeXBT Crypto, Forex & CFD trading platform Share % of the fees paid on your trades with
🌍 Publish0x Blog platform powered by cryptocurrencies Earn crypto for blogging
🌍 Quppy Crypto & fiat wallet + exchange Get
bonus after trading 600€ worth
πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ Refunder Swedish cashback & credit card platform Get their card to get
150 kr
50 kr
bonus for signing up & spending 100 kr
🌍 Remitly Online money transfer Complete a 200€> transfer and receive
🌍 Crypto gambling Sign up to receive 300 Space dollars
🌍 Rollercoin Bitcoin mining simulator Sign up and earn real crypto for playing
🌍 ShapeShift Crypto management platform Get
10 FOX
tokens for signing up
🌍 SimpleSwap Instant simple crypto exchange Share % of your paid fees with
🌍 Skrill Money transfers & wallet Get
discount on your first 200€> transfer
🌍 Slime Yield farming on Binance smart chain Share 1.5% of your profits with
🌍 Sovrn Commerce Tool for website owners to earn $ from ads +35% bonus the first year
🌍 SpectroCoin Cryptocurrency exchange Share % of your fees with, contact the webmaster to get bonus $
🌍 Stash Rewards Hotel rewards system 500 points for signing up
🌍 Browser extension that earns you money Install their extension to receive money for every minute spent on the internet
🌍 SwagBucks Platform for earning money online
sign up bonus
🌍 Sweatcoin App that gives you crypto for exercising Sign up and get
🌍 Swissborg Crypto investment management Get up to
bonus for depositing at least $50
🌍 TransferGo Money transfering service
bonus on your first transfer over 60€
🌍 TransferWise Money transfering service Get 1 feeless transfer
🌍 Trueflip Crypto gambling Free spins & deposit bonus
🌍 Trustdice Crypto gambling Deposit crypto & get free spins
🌍 Twino Investment platform Invest at least 500€ to get
🌍 Uadload Upload files and earn $ 15% bonus
🌍 Uber Ridesharing service Get
$6 discount
on your first ride
🌍 Uber Eats Food delivery
5$ discount
on your first order using the code ’eats-c5ik8a’
🌍 Uniqlo Global Japanese casual wear brand $10 off your first purchase
🌍 ValueDeFi Passive income from your crypto assets Share commision with, contact the webmaster to get bonus $
🌍 Verse Easy mobile payments Register and get
bonus when you send 5€> (send to $ezlol and get back bonus)
🌍 ViaInvest Investment platform Invest at least 50€ to get
πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί Vivid Mobile EU banking platform Sign up, verify KYC to get a
free metal visa card
with great % cashback +
🌍 Western Union Money transfer service Make one $100> transfer to get a
$20 Amazon gift code
πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ Wifog Swedish mobile service provider Sign up and get bonus
250 - 1000 points
depending on plan
🌍 WorldRemit Money transfer service Do a 200€> transfer and get
🌍 Xendpay Money transfer service
bonus on your next 100€> transfer
🌍 YouHodler Earn crypto interest Deposit crypto into their wallet to earn interest & help fund the community
🌍 Ysense Earn money through doing tasks & surveys Share commision with helping to fund the community